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    I began working at Sandhills Publishing as a graphic designer in July 2013. When I started my responsibilities included designing, building the front-end, and general maintenance of original websites for dealers that advertised with our publications or utilized our services (Truck Paper, Tractor House, Machinery Trader, Controller, Auction Time). Some secondary responsibilities included logo creation and layout design for online versions of some of our publications (CPU & PC Today). I have also had my hand in a couple larger internal projects at sandhills- designing and building the front-end for piedmontese.com and assisting in the design and front-end development of several pages for computerpoweruser.com

    Sandhills has slowly been increasing the priority of the web services it offers. In 2014 my role within the design department shifted to focus almost exclusively on the design and development of ‘premium sites’ for our customers. This shift came with a title change and added responsibility. My interaction with customers is a constant to ensure that we are meeting their web needs. I pride myself on delivering a modern design, meeting industry standards for best practices. All the sites I create in collaboration with the customer are built responsive, with an emphasis on mobile functionality. Every site is optimized for organic searches, analytics are monitored and evaluated to ensure the right users are finding the site and interacting with it in the manner intended. I make myself available to our customers at all times to answer any questions and address any concerns they may have.

    Since Starting at Sandhills publishing I have designed almost 300 original websites for our customers. I currently have 55 accounts assigned to me, meaning I am the main contact for those customer’s web based needs.





    Working Knowledge

    Adobe Creative Suite



    Working Knowledge

    Silverstripe Development


    Wordpress Development

    Working Knowledge


    I worked with Willcockson Eye Associates to update the design and functonality of their website to meet their needs.

    I have collaborated with several small companies and organizitations in the creation of their company/organiztional logo.

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    Recieved B.S. in Graphic Design at South Dakota State University.

    Meriam Melkumyan, former professor recomendation  
    Randy Clark (MFA), former professor recomendation