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Personal Mission Statement:
The most beautiful things in the world are those that serve an unmistakable purpose. My purpose is an exploration of efficiency. I design to eliminate clutter, blending optical and functional aesthetics to solve problems. I attempt to be an affable presence willing to share and have a flexible mindset hungry to receive wisdom from those around me.

About Myself


I define myself by how I spend my time. My goal is to build a career that I can proudly say defines me. I strive to do important work, work that is challenging and will push me to improve my instinctual habits. I think efficiency, open communication and trust are the most productive traits of a successful team/workplace. I enjoy seeing success around me and learning from it.

To grow, is how I define success for myself. I want to improve myself in all that I do, physically, mentally and spiritually. Continually learning in all aspects of life and applying what lessons I’ve learned is an enjoyable process I participate in to build a happy fulfilling life.

Hobbies & Pastimes

I enjoy spending time with my wife and friends, some of my favorite social activities include watching TV, having dinner and/or drinks, prepared at home or at a new restaurant, playing board games, playing basketball, attending concerts, tailgating sporting events, going for walks. Activities I enjoy mostly alone include painting, reading, writing, listening to podcasts, exercising, working on freelance graphic design projects for friends.